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Nothing makes a home look more impressive and luxurious to onlookers than a perfectly manicured lush green lawn. Likewise, nothing makes a home look more unkempt than weed infested, patchy brown grass. Team Green Lawn Pro can make your lawn greener and more vibrant than ever. We are experienced lawn professionals serving the Macomb, IL area.

Why spend your hard-earned cash on expensive lawn equipment to use it once or twice when we have all of the latest and most effective equipment? We utilize a four step process to give you the yard of your dreams. Two lawn treatments in the spring, one in the summer, and another in the fall will set the foundation for strong roots and grass. We also apply insecticide to prevent pests from harming your lawn which will also decrease the presence of moles.

Part of what makes Team Green stand out is our use of the best granular fertilizer. While our competitors are relying on an inferior liquid fertilizer, which will eventually fade and burns the grass, our granular mix utilizes a slower release, so as to not shock the grass. This promotes greater health and growth, while maintaining that perfect bright green color for months on end.

We are licensed through the Department of Agriculture in both Illinois and Iowa. Our licenses include driveway, ornamental, right of way, turf, and mosquito.